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New Haven's St. Patrick's Day Parade






The revival of the St. Patrick’s Day parade in New Haven is a fantastic story. The parade was organized in 1842 as the captivating centerpiece of the city’s St. Patrick’s Day observance, yet it passed from the urban scene in the early 20th century. For 50 years, it faded from memory; however, New Haven’s Irish community retained a strong determination to honor its patron saint and celebrate its heritage.

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In 1956, they breathed new life into the venerable tradition. Within New Haven’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade, readers will discover the inception of this joyful event and how, over the last half century, it has grown and thrived.


Joan Moynihan and Neil Hogan, along with other members of the New Haven St. Patrick’s Day Committee, scoured the scrapbooks, attics, and memories of parade enthusiasts to compile this book, commemorating the 50th
anniversary of the parade’s revival. The text and vintage photographs capture all the emotions—from the glee of children’s laughter to wartime bagpipe music—that make the St. Patrick’s Day parade one of New Haven’s major folk festivals.