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The Irish Book Site is dedicated to highlighting the latest books by Irish and Irish-American authors, and books about Ireland, or Irish interests.

We post everything about the book on the site for two full years and link directly to sites where you can Buy the Book and Buy the ebook.

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You don't pay for your book listing until we have posted it on site and it meets your approval!

What we need from you
1. picture of the book and of the author
2. synopsis of the book
3. bio of the author
4. direct links to where the book and ebook can be bought
you may also send us
- reviews of the book
- audio promoting or reading from the book
- short video about the book.

We post it all on site to your approval. Once approved, we charge you 20 dollars. (Regular price, $65) That's it.
The book stays onsite for two full years!
Additional books can be put on site for 20 dollars each, as many as you like.

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