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Eileen A Mayo Girl: First in a Trilogy By Beatrice Finn

Historical Fiction

This is a fictional story, of a family living in the West of Ireland, in the late 1930s through to the 50s.It shows the journey, of part of the life of the grandparents, right down to the great grandchildren, and how they progress.

The main characters are featured throughout to the end. It shows the difficulties encountered by a young woman in her quest, to try, to break down the barriers of a woman’s place is on the land, and to break  away from traditional Irish Catholic views, and a typical farming way of life, and to go on to have a professional career for herself. It shows how her confidence was built up to be the great person she could be, and then to be shattered again by her bullying Alcoholic husband.

It highlights the hardships encountered by many Irish farmers, back in those times, in that very non affluent part of Ireland ,and how they had to be self sufficient in order to survive. It shows how the understanding of the young person growing up, has the view point, that they are being reared for export.

It shows how love, hate, tragedy and success have all mixed together to make a great ending.

Authors Bio
Beatrice Finn was born and raised in a small village called Derrinabroock, in the townland of Cloontia, in County Mayo West Ireland. That was a lifetime ago in the year 1949.  She lived there for the first 14 years of her life. Living with her farming parents in rural Ireland and off the grid, gave her many experiences you would not find in the classroom. Starting school at the age of 7 years, Beatrice had enjoyed a basic education.

Her broader education came from the experience of living on the farm, up to the point of emigration to England. That event occurred on September 6th 1963.

Beatrice has extended her education within her career as a support worker, for the National Health Service.

Beatrice has been working for her local authority for the past 20 years. Fostering challenging teenagers is something which has enriched her life in many ways.

Continuing with her love of writing ‘The Trilogy’ has a very strong Irish theme throughout.

Beatrice has produced a further 6 novels all having an Irish theme.

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