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A Bard’s Tale is a collection of poems inspired by Ireland and her people. This is an interesting work that anyone is sure to enjoy. There are poems about the author's family and tales about the heros of Ireland's troubled history. The author has studied Ireland’s history and is striving to find peace and resolution for Ireland’s troubles. This collection is lyrically, thoughtfully, and passionately written.

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A long-awaited and much anticipated colletion of nearly 800 poems from more than fifty of the most intriguing and important Irish poets writing since World War II, Wes Davis's An Anthology of Modern Irish Poetry is the most comprehensive work of its kind.

 By Maryrose Carroll

BEATS ME is quintessentially a love story and a "fascinating account os some of the most vibrant, stormy and controversial times in American literature." Combining literary history with very personal drama I tell the tale of my husband, Paul Carroll, and his exploits with the censorship of his little magazine, Big Table, by The University of Chicago and the attempted censorship the U. S. Post Office in 1959.    Buy the E-Book       Buy the Book

The poems in Conversations with a Dead Lover, by Maryrose Carroll, are beautifully contemplative, yet deeply visceral. Addressed often directly, often peripherally, to her husband, the great American poet and editor, Paul Carroll, they take head-on the conundrum of love in its myriad guises. This is a book of breathtaking candor, the poet’s seemingly limitless threshold for apprehending a love intensely physical, but also mystical, of another plane, of nuanced touch and texture, a love that accrues only by abiding the earth’s lore and orbit, yet reckons that unseen world beyond our ken. Carroll’s language – at once stunningly plain and otherworldly as the bluest cloudless sky – ‘[joins] all [her] kin / whether dressed in silk or tatters.”

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New Collected Poems features the first nine volumes of poetry by Eavon Boland, one of he foremost contempory poets in the English language.

Boland emerged in the 1960s as a powerful new poetic voice in Ireland. Her poems challenged the male-dominated Irish canon, while at the same time situating her within the rich Irish poetic tradition.

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