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Harvey’s third Michael Kelly novel finds the tough Chicago PI eyeball deep in a burgeoning reign of terror focused on the transit system, the venerable CTA. Kelly witnesses the first murder on an L platform and sets off in hot but futile pursuit.

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Kathleen Hill s finely wrought novel tells the story of four generations of an Irish-American family that has lived in the same house for almost a century. Grieving the death of her mother and the imminent sale of the house, the narrator sets out to re-create the hidden, intimate lives of those who came before. Through a series of vignettes she conjures a family devastated in each generation by the loss of a child.

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Eva, a teacher and young mother, is struggling to raise her four-year-old son on her own after the sudden death of her husband and daughter. Mrs. Prendergast, the mysterious and lonely widow next door rumored to have killed her husband thirty years ago and buried him in the backyard, allows Eva to cultivate her unused garden.