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Heather Terrell's engaging and provocative new novel Brigid of Kildare tells the absorbing story of Saint Brigid and the discovery of the oldest illuminated manuscript in the annals of the Church-- a manuscript that conatins an astonishing secret history.

 The Last wish of an unsung Irish Hero
Joe Collins joined the IRA in 1917 and was with them through to the end of the Civil War. In Joe’s own words we hear about his ‘Many arguments with the Tans’. In one episode Joe tells of the night he went up a ladder with cans of petrol tied to his back and set fire to the Lismore Courthouse. He was badly burnt and shot at as he escaped. Joe often risked his life during these troubled times and like so many he is an unsung hero.


This title presents the first comprehensive regimental history of Chicago's Irish Volunteers. Extensively documented and richly detailed, "Chicago's Irish Legion" tells the compelling story of Chicago's 90th Illinois Volunteer Infantry, the only Irish regiment in Major General William Tecumseh Sherman's XV Army Corps. Swan's sweeping history of this singular regiment and its pivotal role in the western theater of the Civil War draws heavily from primary documents and first-person observations, giving readers an intimate glimpse into the trials and triumphs of ethnic soldiers during one of the most destructive wars in American history.

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