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  The nickname was given to the two and a half million Irish immigrants that arrived in America between the years of 1847 to 1852 from Ireland, on ships that were known as coffin ships. 
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Ireland 1942. This spy/fiction story sheds light on G2 (Irish Military Intelligence). In Madrid, British Intelligence are at an impasse. They have lost two of their best agents in a bid to retrieve armaments plans from the German embassy in Madrid. Buy Book or E-Book Here!


Ireland 1919 a country on the verge of another revolution. It's been three years since the failed Easter Rising of 1916. Veterans from the rising are organising themselves and recruiting for a different type of war. Buy E-Book Here


The Angel’s Lamp, set in war-torn Ireland just after the Easter Rising, centers around a love affair between Johnny Flynn, an Irish-bred, English staff-sergeant in charge of the rebellion's soon-to-be executed leaders, and Nora Connolly, the firebrand daughter of James Connolly, the uprising’s charismatic leader. Buy Book Here  Buy E-Book Here

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