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There are those who say life cannot be planned, but along the ancient coast of Ireland, they who understand the Ould Ways know better. There among the waters and the wild, the Celtic past has an uncanny way of reaching those in the present—however near or far away.

For wild salmon conservationist, Dr. Áine O’Connor, an unexpected family legacy lures her Back—like the return of wild salmon to the rivers of their birth—to her own birthplace on Dingle Peninsula, to continue a 1,000-year-old family tradition of protecting the land and the sea.

Sometimes the journey Forward, begins with a step Back—to Your Own Ones.
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  The nickname was given to the two and a half million Irish immigrants that arrived in America between the years of 1847 to 1852 from Ireland, on ships that were known as coffin ships. 
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Ireland 1942. This spy/fiction story sheds light on G2 (Irish Military Intelligence). In Madrid, British Intelligence are at an impasse. They have lost two of their best agents in a bid to retrieve armaments plans from the German embassy in Madrid. Buy Book or E-Book Here!


Ireland 1919 a country on the verge of another revolution. It's been three years since the failed Easter Rising of 1916. Veterans from the rising are organising themselves and recruiting for a different type of war. Buy E-Book Here

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