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America gained her freedom in a nine-year-war by fighting three-dozen battles from Georgia to Canada, and hundreds of engagements on the high seas, occurring along the coastlines of North America, the Caribbean, the British Isles, and Western Europe. Buy the Book!


Just a Boy from Home tells of Bill Bourke's life growing up in County Mayo, Ireland, and his immigration to Chicago, where he married, raised a family and fully embraced his opportunity to realize the American Dream. The captivating stories of his life are interspersed with lyrics to 42 songs, Irish wit, recipes and other memories of a time past, creating the kind of personal, detailed history that so often fades away with time.

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Know more about the entwined histories of Ireland, Mexico, and the United States as the people from these different places find their lives crossing paths – and destinies – in Mike Fallaw’s Just Like Me.  Buy the Book!

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