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 By Ann O'Farrell


Like so many young girls growing up in the poverty-stricken West of Ireland in the 1930’s Roisin Keavney loves her family, but dreams of a wealthy husband and a better life. Buy Book Here



Enter these pages to discover a singular and fabled Ireland of the 1800’s, a mystic Ireland that may have been; a land of Poets and Crafts folk, Lovers and Rebels, Heroes and Dreamers. There you will encounter events and characters that may not be as they seem. Buy Book Here


Ian Padraic harbors a scandalous secret. To avenge the death of his best friend in a Belfast raid, Ian joins the Provisional IRA which he conceals for 30 years. He meets investigative reporter Eileen Donohue and friendship blossoms into a love affair. Buy Book Here

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