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An ancient gold rush, and loyalty faces off against greed. Circa 2200 BCE: Changes rocking the Continent reach Eire with the dawning Bronze Age. Marauders invade the island seeking copper and gold.


With the tragedy of Easter 1916 behind them and spurred on by the euphoria born of England's willingness to confer after months of bitter warfare, Irish republicans sense they are finally on the verge of trimuph over their centuries-old foe. Ireland's freedom is just around the corner or so it seems.

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Veteran historical author Morgan Llywelyn retells the colorful life story of revered Irish monastic saint Brendan the Navigator in the form of a personal journal, written by an elderly Brendan, interspersed with third-person glimpses of the Great Voyage he undertook with 14 monks to find the fabled earthly paradise of the Western Sea, the Isles of Blest.

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