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Ian Padraic harbors a scandalous secret. To avenge the death of his best friend in a Belfast raid, Ian joins the Provisional IRA which he conceals for 30 years. He meets investigative reporter Eileen Donohue and friendship blossoms into a love affair. Buy Book Here


Combining the spirit of Kingsley Amis’s Lucky Jim with a bawdy evisceration of hypocrisy in old-school Catholic education, The Brothers’ Lot is a comic satire that tells the story of the Brothers of Godly Coercion School for Young Boys of Meager Means, Buy Book Here

  This intriguing story follows Quinn Parker as he searches his family roots and discovers letters, written in Irish Gaelic, that reveal a long hidden family scandal. As Quinn travels to Ireland to find out more, his journey becomes very interesting -- and then tragic. Buy it here!

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