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 Two years ago, in response to a particularly serious bout of homesickness, my partner and I set up an Irish publishing business (Irish Imbas Books) in the basement of our home in Wellington, New Zealand. It was a daft idea, of course. I was an occasional writer, she had a legal background, but neither of us knew much about publishing

 Steeped in Irish mythology, these stories bristle with singular imagination and exude style and narrative prowess. Playful and ingenious, they are a fresh new voice in Irish literature - one that captivates and enthralls with ease. So watch out. The gods are back... Buy Book Here!

An epic novel of magic and mysticism, Celts and faeries, mad kings and druids, and the goddess struggling to reign over magic’s last outpost on the Earth

What became of magic in the world? Who needed to do away with it, and for what reasons? Drawing on myth, legend, fairy tales, and Biblical mysteries, The Last Days of Magic brilliantly imagines answers to these questions, sweeping us back to a world where humans and magical beings co-exist as they had for centuries. Buy Book Here!

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