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Echoes In The Gangway: A Catholic Boy's Trek Through The Fifties Memories Of My Family And St. Leo Parish
The Fifties brought good times to Auburn Gresham on Chicago’s South Side. The thriving business district around 79th & Halsted pulsed with activity.  Enter the Murphy family, eight strong and growing. Off go four kids to St. Leo Catholic grammar school, where the Sisters of Providence teach them Religion from the Baltimore Catechism. Buy the Book!


The dead are a notoriously perverse and unmanageable lot.  They tend not to be safely buried, and in fact resist all efforts at obliterating their traces” (Sante x).
In Mary Rose Callaghan’s Emigrant Dreams, the Irish narrator, Anne O’Brien, is haunted by the ghost of her grandfather, Marcus Quilligan O’Neill, who dies over ninety years earlier. She sees him as she gets off the plane at Kennedy Airport, and he continues to pop up throughout the course of the novel. Anne’s Irish-American cousin Ogie has been badgering Anne to write the biography of their grandfather.
O’Neill’s presence in the novel, both historical as Anne researches his life,

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