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On April 20, 1949, O'Hara subjected his mother to a dangerous and difficult night of labor; when the baby finally came out of the womb, his nose bled unabated until his father rushed into the room, whereupon the bleeding ceased immediately. Although a relative casually remarked that the young boy shared the same birthday as Adolf Hitler, O'Hara's mother quickly remarked that her son would redeem the day and bring nothing but good into the world.


 The setting of Far From the Land is rural Ireland in the 1950s. Thomas Rice has written a memoir about a way of life that no longer exists: no running water, no toilets, no electricity, and little access to education, jobs or basic health care. Early on the story plunges into a culture haunted by recent memories of famines and still showing some of the scars from The Great Hunger of the 1840s.

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