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The Story of Ireland



by Brian Igoe

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This is the story of Ireland - the progress of the ancient Irish to the modern European State. Not just her History, but her story. Her Music and Dance, her Poetry and Theatre, her ancient Brehon laws. How people lived in the times of Brian Boru, what they wore and what they ate and drank. It's the story of her roads, her railways, her canals. It's the story of her industries, her agriculture, her linen, her ship building, and her modern financial revolution. It's the story of the Irish in America, and the trials and tribulations they faced to get there. But it's also her history, the story of her peoples, of the Famine and the wars, of the Celts and the Norman invaders and how they blended together and through many trials and tribulations made that unique people with music in their souls and business in their brains, the Irish.