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Papa and the Leprechaun King on Kindle


  Papa and the Leprechaun King on Kindle
By Arthur Cola

His Majesty, Finbar X, King of the Leprechauns will soon enter the life of Arthur and Donna Colonna once again. Only this time it won’t be on the pages of my novel, “Papa and the Leprechaun King.” The adventure of tourists in Ireland who get caught up in a 1500 year old mystery is coming to Kindle.
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If you’re looking for a light read but with a message suitable for the whole family then this tale will entertain you.

If you’ve read my other novels; “The Shamrock Crown” and “The Stone Cutter Genius” you may want to find out how the Colonna family first came into contact with the Enchanted Realm. If so, this 2nd Edition of the tale will delight you.

If you’re into Irish folklore and culture then the antics of the Wee Folk and humans from Wisconsin and Chicago will charm you.

If you’ve ever wanted to visit Ireland, have been to the Emerald Isle or are planning a trip there then this story will give you a sense of being there and experiencing its people, historical sites, faith traditions and folklore.

Let yourself be absorbed into a world of fantasy, adventure and magic. Use your Kindle to exclusively order your copy. We’ll let you know when it is published on Amazon’s Kindle. And it should be ready just in time to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with this Celtic tale taking American tourists on a quest to find the stolen Gold Coin from the Leprechaun King’s Pot of Gold. Until that miraculous coin is returned to the kettle, the magic of the Wee Folk is in danger. There’s just one twist, the King doesn’t know where the Pot of Gold is hidden.

Come on, we all love the Wee Folk. Meet a few of them on Kindle and join in the adventure. Kiss that Blarney Stone. Climb the Cliff of Dun Aengus. Ride the Jaunty Cart into the Gap of Dunloe. Fight off would be thieves of the King’s Pot of Gold at Torc Falls. Walk in the footsteps of St. Patrick back in the 5th Century. Uncover ancient clues from a rock in Glendalough and a crumbling wall at Clonmacnoise. Then after walking into a mystical fog, saving the King’s Crown, entering a Sorceress’s Cottage, you too may enter the Realm of the Wee Folk and discover the most precious treasure of them all.

It’s all waiting for you on the magical screen of Kindle. You may order your Kindle version of “Papa and the Leprechaun King (The Secret Legend of the Shamrock)” for only $4.99.