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Hot Under the Collar



Hot Under the Collar is an account of true events set against the hostile and dangerous background of the Troubles in Northern Ireland and written by English school teacher, Andrew Rowley. Buy the Book

The publication offers a rich insight into a unique experience and tells the story of people and the rich vagaries of life; some of it will make you laugh, some of it will make you cry and some of it will bemuse and bewilder you.


About the Author

Andrew Rowley started his working life in finance and administration working at Independent Television News in London before reading Theology and training for Ministry at Oxford as a mature student.  After spending five years as minister of a church in Northern Ireland during the Troubles, and five years as a minister in Lancashire, Andrew decided to pursue a career in teaching.
"Strangely enough, it was actually my school students who inspired me to write this book," said Andrew Rowley.
"Students have often asked me to recount my experiences and suggested that I should write a book about my time in Northern Ireland.  Writing the book took about two years and was a hugely cathartic experience for me during what was not an easy period in my life and sadly the Troubles are still topical today.
"It was my intention to balance the subject and I have tried to inject some humorous stories into the narrative aside from the Troubles," he said.
ISBN: 9781782990031
Total Pages: 282
Published: 30 November 2012
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