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A Guide to the Silence of the Irish Other World

Non Fiction


 The book is a behind my life-long residential Irish eyes with a local looking out gaze on Ireland in as fullest aspect as possible, historically, politically and culturally. Buy the Book!

A further employment of Irish myth and folklore is also utilized to better enhance an authentic Irish felt life experience, supported by a soulful sense of awe which permeates the mystical landscape, place-names and deserted homesteads, where hopefully stones might talk.
This approach places the book as unique as it seeks to add a too often missing Irish narrative in history books and guide books, insofar as it includes Irish terminology and indeed a fullest Irish gaze to depict Ireland from an Irish perspective, rather than a standard genre or the glossy format conforming to a long-standing set dominant gaze. A set in stone dominant narrative usually emanating and deriving from a British pre-set notion on acceptable, objective, impartial and universal.
All such fixed and set in stone accounts, present a stone dead narrative on Irish history. A story that is exclusively his story which excludes her story and for many in Ireland and the Irish Diaspora, it also excludes our story and Irish living memory - an Irish narrative very much alive.
The book is written in such a spirit as my best endeavor to provide a voice to a voiceless Irish, a silent Irish from ancient times to the present day. The title of the book alludes to this silence but it also strives to give a living presence to the Irish Other Worlds beyond this earthly world and furthermore bring the visitor and reader into the serenity of the soul-filled, silent hush, awe and wonder that the Irish landscape and its sacred places exude in abundance.
The book also contains more than 50 photographs in the firmest belief that a picture paints a thousand words. This is to better illustrate the silence of the Irish other world and bring it to your own fireside and to enhance any planned visit to Ireland. However, the book is deliberately and purposefully designed to be a journey in itself. A journey that is an all encompassing Irish experience that delivers a meaningful experience of Ireland and Irish ways long before setting foot in Ireland. The book seeks primarily to bring Ireland to the reader and secondly to bring the reader to Ireland. I hope it decodes Ireland to enrich its beauty, history and wonder for locals and visitors alike.


Sean Mac Eachaidh  BA (Hons)