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Dancing with Statues



Will our history always define us? What does it take to move on from the tragedies of our past? These are questions Laura has been avoiding since that day ten years ago when her mother took her own life, when Laura was just a teenager. Until she meets Miguel, a Colombian lawyer investigating a bombing that took place days before her mother’s death, towards the end of the Northern Irish “Troubles”. Buy the Book!

Initially, Miguel's love gives her hope for a brighter future. But when he starts delving into the past, asking questions about her mother and the circumstances surrounding her death, their relationship begins to unravel and Laura is finally forced to revisit her family’s history in search of answers of her own.

Reviews of Dancing with Statues
“Just like a lovely Sunday dinner “Dancing with Statues” by Caroline Doherty de Novoa is down to earth, comfortable and oh so yummy! Far from the over done sappy fluff of a lot of romance writers, this read is so much more witty and real. Set in a time after the troubles in Northern Ireland we meet Laura and Miguel as they come to terms with their past and try to build a future. The sensory mix of love and life is wonderful, and Caroline has absolutely nailed it!” Sarah Knight, The Thursday Interview Blog (Ireland)

 “Really enjoyed this book as it’s set around one of my favorite places in Ireland. A modern drama telling of Laura, an Irish schoolteacher and Miguel a Colombian lawyer as they try to deal with their past, present & future all at once. A love story? Maybe. A story I would recommend? Definitely. The author brilliantly describes emotions of loss, love and lonesomeness.” Patrick of the Drunken Druid Blog (Ireland)
 “In Dancing with Statues, Caroline Doherty de Novoa brings together people with different cultures who both know what it is like to lose someone they love at an impressionable age…  Caroline Doherty de Novoa is a talented writer; I loved her writing style and found several passages throughout the book that I wanted to save and re-read at a later time.” Luxury Reading (Utah, U.S.)
Author Bio


Caroline Doherty de Novoa grew up in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. She left Ireland in 1997, at the age of nineteen, with a desperate desire to see the world. Since then she has visited nearly 60 countries. She has lived in Manchester, Madrid and Oxford, and now splits her time between Bogotá and London. She worked as a litigation lawyer for nearly ten years representing clients around the globe.  Whilst she loved the work, the stories in her head and the call to write could not be ignored. So she often took writing workshops around London and wrote when she could find the time which, given the demands of her job, was often late at night or in airport lounges.

In 2004, whilst in Madrid, she met her future husband Juan Novoa, a Colombian entrepreneur. Over the years Caroline and Juan travelled often to Colombia. In Colombia she found a culture very similar to the one she grew up in: friendly people, who knew how to have fun and weren’t afraid to laugh at themselves. After Northern Ireland, it soon felt like her second home.

In 2012, she decided to step back from the law to focus on her two true passions: travel and writing. 2013 has been a big year for Caroline. In January, she moved to Bogotá, Colombia, to launch Hotel Trail. In February, Caroline realized a life-long dream when her first novel, Dancing with Statues, was published by Papen Press. She can now be found in cafés around Bogotá, working on her business and second novel whilst enjoying Colombian hot chocolate and “onces” (the Colombian version of elevenses).

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