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Discovering Audacious Love

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What turned a shy somber child into a passionate women? In Discovering Audacious Love Mary Jo reveals how this transformation came about.

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Discovering Audacious Love brings the reader right into Mary Jo’s childhood home, close beside her hospital bed, high up into mountains and deep into luscious forests. But more importantly it takes the reader lovingly into to the center of her Celtic heart. Discovering Audacious Love shows how at a very young age this timid Belfast child unknowingly set foot on the ancient path of the Celtic mystics only to discover many years later  what called  her to embark on this journey – LOVE: A Love Mary Jo feels is within and all around each and every one of us. A Divine love; an eternal love; a beautiful Love. A Love that Mary Jo calls her Audacious Love.


Mary Jo Mc Veigh BSSC(Hons) MSW is the founder and director of Cara House, Centre for Resilience and Recovery, located in Sydney, Australia. She completed her Honours degree in social science in 1983 and worked in her community of North Belfast before returning to university and completing a Master Degree in Social work in 1986. She is a trained trauma therapists and an accredited mental health social worker. She has a passion for exploring and studying comprehensive bodies of knowledge incorporating subjects as widely diverse as quantum physics, biology, the theology of the and contemplative writings to children story books and gardening magazines. She brings this emphasis for diversity of wisdom to her work, creatively utilising it within her counselling practice.
Mary Jo has presented at National and international conferences and published in professional journals on her work. She has written numerous training programs and practitioners manual for social services and charitable organisations in Australia and self-published an innovative and beautiful resource called Wrapped in Angels. Mary Jo has been interviewed on Australian radio and news media about her work and life and appeared on SBS TV as part of an expert panel. She was a NSW women of the year award nominee in 2010 for her work with children and adults traumatised by abuse.
 Mary Jo’s love of her work and dedication to service for others is rivalled only by her love for her children and her friends, her dog, the beautiful world we live in and a mouthful of delicious Belgian chocolate. Her unbounding passion for the work and love of people has inspired many in her profession both clients and professionals.