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Hannah's Shame



Hannah’s Shame is the inspirational story of one boy’s Irish childhood spent in poverty because of the neglect of the Church of Ireland, of his lifelong search for who he is and of his fight for justice.
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Abandoned by his birth mother in a Children's Home where illness, hunger and neglect were commonplace, fostered by an inordinately poor family and then living in poverty but ignored by the well-to-do community in which he was brought up, this is a story that will touch your heart. It is a story of shame.

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‘Derek Leinster pulled no punches in the boxing ring and he pulls no punches in the story of his life.’
             Nick Pullen, The Birmingham Evening Mail & Sports Argus

 Following the huge success of Derek Leinster’s first book, Hannah’s Shame, which detailed his appalling childhood and
his search to find out who he was, Destiny Unknown is his continuing story.
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About the Author

At 18 Derek fulfilled his dream to go to England and meet his destiny. This book follows his fight to establish a life for himself in a new country. Despite his disadvantages – his lack of social skills because of his upbringing, his lack of confidence, his lack of education – he manages to carve out a decent life as a working man and, ultimately, as a married man with a family. It takes us through his fight to fit into society, a society that he doesn’t really understand. It tells us about his working life and also his phenomenal boxing career.

 Derek’s fight for justice continues alongside his search to find out more about his past. With demand for a second book about his life coming from all around the world, this book fulfills a need and is a touching – and
inspirational – story of one man’s survival.