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Feast or Famine By Northern Ireland's Emmett McCourt

Cooking & Food

Feast or Famine is the core product of the Award winning Irish Food Heritage Project (IFHP) Buy the Book which drives a Irish Food Revival and is a vehicle for inward investment, Agri-Food export growth, the general sustainability and growth of the regional food industry and the promotion of the region as a cultural culinary tourism destination. IFHP consists of several main strands and more information can be found on the link below under Experience summary of Business.

About the Author

Emmett McCourt: Passionate Irish Food Campaigner

Food for Emmett McCourt has been a constant journey of love and passion for over two decades. He has worked in the kitchens of some of the world’s finest restaurants, luxury cruise liners and hotels alongside some of the world’s greatest chefs.  His skillset is based in the deep-rooted Irish customs of food foraging and the use of traditional methods of food preparation and presentation. Emmett is an experienced lecturer and educationalist and a prominent campaigner for, and contributor to, the Agri-Food sector across the North West of Ireland and beyond.

   Emmett McCourt initiated the award-winning and multi-disciplinary Irish Food Heritage Project (IFHP) in 2011 to capture and preserve the food history of the North West of Ireland. In 2013, after several years of intensive research, he produced the lavishly illustrated publication – Feast or Famine. Published by Guildhall Press, this fascinating story of Irish food promotes and celebrates the region’s unique culinary appeal and the dedicated local artisans who present it to the world.

He currently lectures at The North West Regional College & can be found cooking in The Colleges State of the Art Restaurants “The Flying Clipper” and Erin Room

Emmett recently featured on UTV in Paul & Nicks Big Food Trip and on RTE Our Friends in the North and Irish TV. Emmett’s Food conveys the depth of Irish Food Heritage with Modern Interpretations, He demonstrates on a Traditional “Hearth Crane Crook”, the great Cookery skills of a bygone era. His Food is further enhanced by echoes of a forgotten culture and People, Presented on Irish Bog Oak plates.  The Use of Bog Oak for food presentation also reflects the rich heritage of Emmett’s Home town –Doire (City of the Oak Trees)