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Dancing in the Heather


 Set in 1912 during the Irish migration, on the hauntingly beautiful Great Blasket Island off the coast of Ireland, the gilded age of New York City and the streets of San Francisco, Dancing In The Heather is the story of Aeylish O’Kelly, a poor island girl who risks her life to save David Summerland, a wealthy playboy from San Francisco, when his boat capsizes in the wild Atlantic Ocean.    Buy Book Here!

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David falls in love with Aeylish, who is known to her beloved island as ‘Beauty’, and although he is promised to a socialite back home in San Francisco, he knows he will always love the girl who rescued him from the ocean and saved him from a lifestyle so different to hers. However, steeped in the values of her culture, Aeylish is set to emigrate to New York in a bid to earn money for her family and marry her childhood friend, Maurice – a sacred contract arranged by their families. She desperately fights her own emotions for David, insisting that their worlds are too vastly different and that the chasm cannot be bridged.
Their lives are separated and their journeys are marked with the most trying of obstacles – scandal, rape, tragedy and betrayal. But will their undeniable love for each other overcome the outcry against it? Or will it become lost in time, like many a great love?


By Lindsay on March 21, 2015
Absolutely loved this book. It is written with so much passion and I fell in love with so many of the characters. It's one of those books you don't forget easily and I would highly recommend it.

By Desertlady on March 23, 2015
A well written romance story with many trials along the way. I do recommend this book for all romance readers.

By Kathryn on March 28, 2015
I really liked this book. Set partly in Ireland and America during 1912, it tells the story of an Irish immigrant who saved a wealthy young American male from drowning off the Great Blasket Island and her trip to America. Both of them are engaged to be married to others, him to someone in the upper echeleon of San Francisco society and her to her best friend since childhood in an arranged marriage. It is full of twists and turns that prevent the two from being together. One wonders will they ever end up together. Although this is the author's first published work, it is very well written and you want to keep on reading to the end.

By MomOfThree on April 22, 2015

What a fantastic work of love, heartbreak and perseverance!! The story is written so descriptively you feel, smell and see everything the characters in the story do. From the waves of the ocean, to the euphoria of true love to the heartbreak of lost love, it is all in this splendid tale. I especially love how the main characters rely on God and their faith to help them stay strong throughout the journey. The perfect read for summer!!!
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By H. Felski on March 16, 2015
This was a great read from start to finish. It was hard to put down without knowing what would happen next. It was very interesting to learn about Irish traditions and how the young women such as Aeylish were expected to follow those traditions, like it or not. There were twists and turns that made it hard to put down.
Great book!

By Christine R on April 23, 2015
I really enjoyed reading this book. As soon as I started reading, I was drawn into the narrative and wanted to keep reading to find out what would happen to Aeylish and David. Now that I have completed the book, I want to know what happens to these characters next! I've told all my friends about the book.

By Joe Roberts on April 19, 2015
I enjoyed the book and would enjoy one or two sequels to show what became of the various characters lives especially those who reeked havoc on the lives of others for personal gain and or revenge

 About the Author

Noirin is a native of Ireland. She currently lives in Naperville, Illinois with her husband John and their dog Summer. She holds a Bachelors of Arts degree from University of Illinois and a Master’s of Science from Loyola University.