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Waiting for a Star to Fall



Alyson Hughes can't take it anymore!
Between her dead-end job, odious boss, and two-timing boyfriend, she needs to go somewhere far away from Cork, Ireland. Order book here!
When a position opens up at her company's New York subsidiary, Aly leaps at the opportunity. The Big Apple would be the perfect place to make a new start, plus her two best friends live there. But leaving Ireland's second city for America's first has its share of problems. Not only are Jen and Karen battling personal demons, bosses are the same wherever you go, and Aly soon realizes the grass isn't greener on the other side of the pond.
It would take something, or someone, extraordinary to make her stay . .

About the Author

 Basically, I work as a Personal Assistant and have done for over 20 years in various cities, from Cork, Dublin, Rome and London. My dream would be to work and live in New York.I currently live in London and have done for 11 years now.

For many years I knew I wanted to do something more than be a PA and always dabbled in a little writing, nobody was really aware of this, bar my friends who received my long emails! :-) Leaflets from the Writers Bureau kept falling through my door in London a few years back. One would fall through the letterbox, I'd think about it and forget about it again, but when they started coming every two weeks or so, I took it as a sign and completed one of their courses.  It was from this I started writing my first novel "Waiting for a Star to Fall" which I have  self published.

I've got many more ideas for my next novel or novels and one day I too want to tackle a screen play - which may be a bit ambitious, but now I've come this far, I'm not going to stop following the dream.

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