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 The Ancient Mystery that holds the secret of Newgrange

It was through the unmatched spiritual and physical prowess of these Celtic bloodlines that Ireland would become an impenetrable fortress and safe haven for the exceptional inheritance of western civilization, a reality which has been marginalized. Buy E-Book Here    Buy Book Here

Art historian Kenneth Clark wrote, “It is hard to believe that for quite a long time — almost a hundred years — western Christianity survived by clinging to places like Skellig Michael, rising seven hundred feet out of the sea.” Skellig is a rocky island off the coast of Ireland which contained a settlement of Irish Christians, who in the 5th and 6th centuries rescued European civilization from marauding Saracens [Muslims].

Were it not for the perseverance of ancient Irish and Scottish Clans, the Continental Congress on September 9, 1776 would not have declared the name of a new nation known as the United States of America. What’s more a band of Irish and Scottish Americans known as the, “Overmountain Men,” of the Appalachians, would not have existed to engage with and ultimately decimate British Maj. Patrick Ferguson’s army of 1300 British “red-coats,” in a war that lasted just 1hr 5min.

The devastated Continental Army and 1780’s American rebel cause was resurrected by Irish and Scottish warriors, resulting in a crucial victory for the colonies during the American Revolution. Enemies of America, take heed of the rhetoric which led to America’s Irish and Scottish population rising up against and decapitating tyranny in the 1780s. Just prior to the American Revolution victory, British Maj. Ferguson was sent by Great Britain’s oligarchy on a fool’s errand, bloviating to Irish and Scottish Appalachians, “If you do not desist your opposition to the British arm’s I shall march this army over the mountains, hang your leaders and lay waste your country with fire and sword.” Maj. Ferguson was dead and his army annihilated shortly after issuing his threat. Prior to the intervention of Irish and Scottish warriors, George Washington stated, “The country stands on the brink of a precipitous.”

The malevolence President Washington grappled with throughout the 1700s and was literally bled to death by is the very force which has plagued ancient Celts and Picts for over two millennia, destroyers who celebrate death and the suppression of liberty. Another piece of history which has been conveniently omitted by revisionist historians is the role Celts and Picts have played in the protection and proliferation of liberty throughout the world. For example, one of the most notable African-American social reformers, Fredrick Douglas [c. 2/1818-2/20/1895] who once said, “I would unite with anybody to do right and with nobody to do wrong.” would not have become the great orator and abolitionist he was were it not for his Irish mentor, Daniel O’Connell. Fredrick Douglas travelled to Dublin, Ireland where he invested many months listening to and studying O’Connell, who once said about the enterprise of slavery, “My heart walks abroad wherever the miserable is to be succoured, and the slaves to be set free, there my spirit is at home, and I do like to dwell.”

What has fascinated Paul for more than 30 years is his unique collection of ancient Scottish and Irish documents and verbal traditions passed down through generations. As a young person researching his roots, he discovered his lineage included: Vlad the Prince of Wallachia, a name which is derived from the word “walha” used by Germanic people to describe Celts; King of Scots Robert Brus; Spanish Empire Commander in the 1535 Conquest of Tunis, Hernando Padilla Davila y Perez de Gallegos Caballero De Santiago; Medieval knight, Sir John Stapleton; The Black Knight of Ireland; signer of the Declaration of Independence, Scottish American Philip Livingston, grandson of colonel Robert Livingston the Elder who was an associate of  Scottish sailor William Kidd whose treasure provided the financial foundation upon which John Jacob Astor created his fortune [$110.1 billion in 2006 dollars]; eleventh President of the United States, Scottish American James Knox Polk; Founder of Hollywood, Scottish/Irish American Francis Boggs; Governor of Missouri Lilburn Williams Boggs, who was a friend of Californio military commander Mariano Vallejo, in fact Lilburn named his son Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo Boggs, Lilburn migrated to Sonoma, California [1846] leading a group of immigrants, the group which separated from Lilburn became the infamous Donner Party; house majority leader and Warren Commission member Hale Boggs, tasked with and murdered for investigating President JFK’s assassination and co-inventor of the Ethernet David Boggs.

Paul’s unique ancestral chronicles provided him tales of warfare between ancient Celts and Picts, and what these clans referred to as the Tuatha De Danann. These ancient Celtic watchmen, more than 2,000 years ago, described battles with the Babylonian warrior god Nimrod, an ancient “Serpent Cult of Dann” proxy who controlled an ancient old world order, whose traditions can be seen throughout their Egyptian, Asian, and Khazarian descendants.

One of the most notable Egyptian deities is the serpent god ‘Sobek’ [c.2181 B.C.], a half-man, half-reptile figure commonly associated with Osiris and Ra. Both Hinduism and Buddhism promote the serpent cult through a serpent figure named ‘Nagas’ and the union of a human being and a female Naga. It is written in ancient Hindu texts that this demigod was banished by the creator to the underworld with unimaginable riches and is allied with demons, a tradition which mirrors the legends associated with the Church of Babylon’s god Nimrod. Equally fascinating to the author, and the underlying motivation for the creation of this book, is the never before seen scheme which involves ancient Celts, Picts, relics, and the defeat of the old world order of the Church of Babylon. The author believes that readers will find provocative the connection between the descendants of these ancient Clans, who happen to be many of the most iconic, historical figures, and the way in which all of them have been ceremonially sacrificed.

 About the Author

Paul of the Scottish Boggs Family is a Christian, husband, father to four children and descendant of the Christian Dál Riata in Scotland, an ancient Gaelic Irish colony credited with bringing Christianity and literature to Scotland c.500 A.D. For the past twenty-two years Paul has worked as a high-level consultant, throughout the International Community, with entrepreneurs in the nascent stages of their businesses. It was during this time span that he pursued interests, within the Industries of technology, risk capital, alternative medicine, entertainment, and manufacturing. In addition to providing advanced planning solutions, Paul has assisted with the founding and capitalization of several American corporations, as well as three overseas commercial organizations, within Europe, Asia, and Africa. Drawing from that experience, Paul has participated in raising more than $700 million in capital through various investment vehicles, such as private equity, debt equity, and reverse mergers through ‘aged’ companies. Throughout his career, Paul has worked with award winning Hollywood writers and producers, billionaire hi-tech innovators, entertainers, professional athletes, and a myriad of other personalities.

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