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Smile When You Get There

Biography and Memoirs

On the day his mother, tired of his questions, tells him he's fallen from Heaven, Billy Reddy's teacher, tired of Billy and everything else, tells him his father is positively motoring the other way.  Link to Book and E-Book!

The demon drink will do for him and he's a dead cert to end up down below, frying like a rasher in a pan. For eternity and a day, no way out in case anyone's thick enough to think there might be. To pile horror on horror, Billy then learns that nobody in his village gives a hoot who is going to end up like a rasher in a pan or who isn't. In fact some people are more than willing to give the unfortunate a push to help him on his boozy way. Deciding you can't let this happen to someone you love to bits, Billy turns his village on its head as he takes on Old Nick and tries his utmost to save his hero from Hell.

A delightful and beautifully written story. Full of humour, humanity and compassion. It will warm the hearts of all those who read it!