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Stories of A Chicago PO



This book is separated into two parts. The first part consists of memories as a patrolman. The second part references my years as a sergeant. I divided the book this way for the ease of reading because patrolman’s work and sergeant’s responsibilities are so completely different. Buy Book Here

Some memories are hilarious and others will leave a tear in your eye. Some have been embellished for your enjoyment and others have been recreated from accounts learned after work while sharing a cold beer with fellow officers. Names have been changed and any reference to any real person is accidental and coincidental. These are all part of my life-long experiences that I share with you. Please enjoy my thirty years of vaudeville.

About the Author

Larry Casey

Having had a grandfather and father on the Chicago Police Department made the choice of becoming a police officer relatively simply. Between the excitement of having a real profession and the prospect of following in the Casey footprint, the Chicago Police Department seemed a natural choice. I donned my recruit uniform in November,1977, at the age of twenty-five.  After seventeen years of patrolman status, I was promoted to sergeant. As a supervisor I continued my learning and teaching for thirteen years of overseeing young men and women until 2008. I retired at the age of fifty-six after thirty years of a very wide variety of police work and assignments.

In 2002 I received my Bachelor of Arts degree from Lewis University, and in 2005, I earned my Masters of Science degree, also from Lewis University.  After a few months of relaxation I started my new career as an adjunct professor of Criminal Justice at Wilbur Wright College. I have been teaching there ever since..

Trading thoughts about my police experience led me to write a book of my memories. I did not want to bore people with the typical police style writings of shooting em ups. And seeing I was always a proponent of humor being a policeman’s best outlet for stress and pressure, I decided it was appropriate of me, to write a very different genre of police book. My compilation of short stories is based on the humorous side of police work. Mainly I detail accounts that rarely make their way to the public’s ear. Honesty is also a base for many memories, stories that were too raw or considered too embarrassing for the everyday reader.