Bestselling author Christina McKenna has written a suspense mystery with a double twist in the tail that no reader will ever see coming.

Rita-Mae has lived in fear for as long as she can remember. Fear of being alone, fear of her past and, above all, fear of her husband, Harry. Until she spots an advertisement for a vacant cottage in a small town in Northern Ireland. Buy the book!
She makes her escape, filled with hope, ready to start a new life in a new home, free from the pain of her past. But her place of refuge may not be as safe—or as anonymous—as she thought.

In another small town, Dorrie wakes up, unaware of where she is or how she got there. Adrift in a world for which she has no explanation, she needs to find answers quickly—before her shadowy past catches up to her.

Walled in by secrets and with no one to trust, both Rita-Mae and Dorrie are unsure how to move forward. Can each woman face her inner demons and confront a menacing presence from the past once and for all? Or will the past unravel their second chance at life?

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Author Bio

Christina McKenna is the author of the most reviewed Irish book of all time: The Misremembered Man.

She grew up near the village of Draperstown, Northern Ireland. She trained as an artist before becoming a full-time author.

Her first book, the memoir My Mother Wore a Yellow Dress, was published to great critical acclaim in 2004. It was described as a "redemptive postscript to over a decade of Irish childhood memoirs, concluding that our past, no matter how painful, need not keep us bound." She updated and revised it in 2014 and it's now available both as a paperback and a Kindle.

The memoir was followed by two nonfiction titles dealing with the paranormal: The Dark Sacrament and Ireland's Haunted Women.

Her next project took the form of a novel, in her opinion the most difficult type of writing. The genesis of The Misremembered Man came to her in a particularly lucid dream—evidence that, in some cases, dreams do indeed come true! Her novel was published in the USA in 2008, and is a tragicomedy set in the fictional village of Tailorstown. It's book one in The Tailorstown Trilogy.

Book two, The Disenchanted Widow, set largely in the same fictional village of Tailorstown and its immediate locality, was published in 2013.

Book three of the trilogy, The Godforsaken Daughter, was published in 2015. It sees a return of several characters from the earlier novels, including Jamie McCloone, the star of The Misremembered Man.

Published on October 12, 2017, The Spinster Wife is a departure for her, it being a gripping, psychological mystery. It features many of the places familiar to readers of The Tailorstown Trilogy. A surprise ending will have even the most astute reader guessing.



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