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The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Conscious Living

Non Fiction

The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Conscious Living is a book about mindsets that will move you from trying to make sense of all kinds of things in your life that have already taken place to instead, making sense of the states of mind which keep you thinking about them. It is self-help in its purest sense and will slow you down long enough to focus on what’s really happening inside your thoughts that you’re probably unaware of. It is one of this year’s most down-to-earth yet thought-provoking reads, and what it will provoke you to think about is you: how you think; how you deal with fear, anger, praise, criticism, judgment, worry, control, blame, trust, rules, listening, and even that one mindset we all share but are seldom conscious of – our need to be right. It is respectful, non-critical, at times, unapologetic but, because it steps away from conventional thinking and societal norms, it will stay with you long after you’ve read it. Order or download your copy from Amazon.

Author Bio:

Formerly a top-ranked sales professional in the financial services sector who chose to walk away from Corporate America and many of its trappings, Lorie Givens now proudly debuts her first book as she takes a deep dive into the Do-It-Yourself world of self-help by showing readers they, too, can reshape their lives through self-awareness. A graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill with roots in North Carolina and Irish/Italian heritage, Lorie has enjoyed life as a Floridian for many years where she lives happily with her husband and best friend, Jim. For more information, visit

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