Enter the realm of the Wee Folk with a group of "Baby Boomer" tourists visiting the enchanted and mystical land of Ireland. Become part of a quest to save the magic of the Realm of the Wee Folk and uncover a secret legend along the way. Be transported to Ireland's most sacred sites and ancient monuments, to its magnificent castles and breathtaking landscapes.

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Meet a host of characters who will help and hinder the "Thorn and Roses" as they attempt to solve the mystery of the Map of Clonmacnoise, discovered after centuries of fruitless attempts. Be introduced to the ghostly figure of the Shepherd McCarthy and the drapery lady, Kathleen, who appoint "Papa" to be the chosen one for the quest. Be charmed, as the King of the Leprechauns joins forces with these tourists to save the treasure of his Kingdom and restore his magical powers. Thwart the efforts of an unlikely duo who kidnap the King, and attempt to steal his Pot O' Gold for themselves. In the process, discover an even more precious treasure. Arthur Cola has woven a tale from the threads of Irish Folklore, Faith Tradition, Fantasy, Celtic Culutre and Legend. It is a tale which is sure to delight, inspire and charm its reader or listener.


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