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Kilpara By Patricia Hopper - Volume One of Three


Ellis O’Donovan is an American through and through. He has no intention of taking his mother to her ancestral home in Ireland. After all, they were forced out by the English. However, his mother insists that she return to see her homeland one more time and Ellis reluctantly agrees, expecting a quick turnaround trip.
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Kilpara and its residents have other plans that forces Ellis to decide between his desire to return to his life in America or to aid his kin in Ireland. The situation reaches a dangerous pinnacle when he meets Morrigan, daughter of the very English landlord who stole his birthright.

Reviews for Kilpara
Midwest Book Review quotes Kilpara: “Nothing says ‘intimacy’ more than shared family experiences that expose long-held secrets and inject much-needed understanding into the mix of angst and pain that permeate one family's world.”
– Diane Donovan

Manhattan Book Review quotes Kilpara: “Throughout the story, the reader is introduced to many characters who are all strongly developed by the author. Each one plays a unique and important role in the story.” – Lisa Covington
The Historical Novel Society quotes Kilpara: “As a first novel it is well crafted, solidly researched, and lovingly written.” – Steve Shaw

Author bio

Patricia Hopper, a native of Dublin, Ireland resides in West Virginia. She holds a B.A.  and an M.A. from West Virginia University (WVU). She received honors in creative writing from WVU such as the Waitman Barbe Creative Writing Award and the Virginia Butts Sturm Award. She received numerous awards from the West Virginia Writers’ annual competition. Her fiction and non-fiction have been published in magazines, newspapers, reviews, and anthologies.  Kilpara  is the first novel in a historical family saga trilogy about the O’Donovan family. Corrib Red, is the second novel in the sequel, and Aunjel completes the trilogy.