After a disastrous affair led to her banishment, Cat O'Connell has scraped by, doing whatever she can to make money--even if it's not quite legal. And so She doesn't ask questions when hired to break into the Dublin townhouse of the Earl of Kilronan and take a diary. But this job quickly unravels into disaster when she's caught red-handed by the earl himself, Aidan Douglas.

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Aidan is shocked to discover unknown intruder reading--and understanding-- his father's diary, written in the mysterious language of Fey. Aiden has been struggling to make sense of the entries, believing they may hold the answers ot his brother's disappearance and his father's murder. Determined to uncover the truth, Aiden makes the beautiful and unlikely thief an offer she can't refuse: translate the book for him or be dragged before the local magistrate.

But as Cat slowly deciphers each page, she and Aidan are drawn further into his father's violent legacy of the Other world, and Aidan finds himself spellbound by Cat's beguiling charms.


Novelist Margaret Chittenden has been putting pen to paper since the fourth grade, when she completed her first manuscript Meet the Fuzzy Family.

After taking a break for many years to complete degrees in European History and Anthropology and get married, Chittenden returned to writing in 2002. She has two published romance novels and Earl of Darkness, to be released in January 2011, marks her first trilogy.




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