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Provoked by a raw deal, Jack Sarsfield breaks his bank manager’s nose and knocks in his front teeth, recording the incident on his smartphone as he does so. He uses the video clip to coerce the bank manager into silence and walks away free (and who wouldn’t like to). Jack had been a gentle man throughout life but a combination of his wife’s terminal illness and an underhand injustice from his bank, coupled with the apparent immunity from any retribution or accountability of politicians, bankers, property developers and the ‘elite’, drives him over the edge and into direct action! Dangerous? Yes indeed, but this time ‘they’ aren’t going to escape so lightly! He sees no point in simply replacing one set of nest-feathering politicians and untouchables with another so he sets about changing the whole system with ‘Technology Driven True Democracy’. But at what price?

From Ireland to Direland

Love Violence Patriotism

A Novel by John Henry


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