The Fourth Paradise is an evocative and almost mystical collection of poems that pays tribute to family, to Ireland, and to myth.
V.P. Loggins must have been the child at family gatherings who listened hard when the adults were speaking; now he repays their storytelling prowess in kind with poems that create the specificity of place (America's coal mines "second cousin to turf . . . no bleaker than the bog," Ireland's Giants Causeway, Kilmalkedar, Dun Aengus) with imagery that also provides the universality of experience. The poems are rich and dense, chronicling people who live hard and love long; by the book's end, the reader feels a kinship with the poet, understands and envies the strands which tie him to his ancestors and now snake around his children. He eats at his family's "wake table," reminding himself and us that "Poetry we say is prayer, this repast an obligation. Remember me." It is a joy to join him there and agree; these poems will linger in your memory most happily.
--Deirdre Neilen, editor of The Healing Muse

About the Author

 Born in Birmingham, Alabama, and raised in Illinois, V. P. Loggins holds a PhD from Purdue University and is the author of one book on Shakespeare and co-author of another, and of Heaven Changes, a Pudding House Publications chapbook of poems.

His poems and articles have appeared in numerous literary magazines, including The Baltimore Review, Cæsura, Crannog, The Dalhousie Review, English Journal, The Formalist, The Healing Muse, Memoir (and), Modern Age, Poet Lore and The Southern Review.

He was finalist for the May Swenson Award, The Word Works Washington Prize, the Cider Press Review Book Prize, and a semi-finalist for the Philip Levine Prize.

He lives with his wife in Annapolis, Maryland

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