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The Yankee Years Books 4 - 6 by Dianne Ascroft


After the Allied troops arrived in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland during the Second World War, life in the quiet, rural county would never be the same again.

The Christmas Cure
December 1942: U.S. Army nurse, Lieutenant Marjorie Baxter, newly posted to the 160th U.S. Station Hospital in Northern Ireland, is struggling with homesickness as she spends her first ever Christmas away from home. She meets the widowed rector of a nearby village church, Reverent Herbert Lindsay, when he brings a civilian woman, injured by a U.S. army vehicle, to the hospital but the nurse's determined reserve stymies the minister's friendly overtures.
As they continue to be thrown together during the Christmas season, can Marjorie open her heart to Herbert's friendship, homespun remedies and advice, and maybe more?

Only One Remedy
January 1943: Lieutenant Marjorie Baxter is settling into the military hospital and warming to Reverend Herbert Lindsay, but the arrival of her nursing colleague and former friend, Lieutenant Dot Nichols, awakens old hurts and anxieties. When a Sunderland flying-boat is forced to land in foggy weather near the rectory, the pair work together to assist in the evacuation of injured crew members, but Herbert's concern for an overwhelmed staff member arouses Marjorie's jealousy and threatens to drive a wedge between them.
Can Marjorie and Herbert find a remedy that will salve their doubts and fears, and save their budding romance?

Whispers on Water
May 1943: After helping to foil an espionage attempt and suspected sabotage at the nearby American flying-boat base, Ruth Corey plans to steer clear of fifth columnists. But when her friend, Home Guard Robbie Hetherington is injured during an IRA raid on a police station, she is determined to find his attackers, especially since they have reclaimed a quantity of gelignite. She rallies her American sweetheart Frank Longo, and several friends to help her, but pursuing the terrorists won't be easy and will challenge long held beliefs as she crosses the strict line dividing the province's two religious communities.
Can Ruth find the Republican terrorists, before they use the gelignite, and avoid religious tensions coming between her and her sweetheart?

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About the Author

Dianne Ascroft writes cozy mystery, historical and contemporary fiction, often with an Irish connection.Her series The Yankee Years is a collection of Short Reads and novels set in World War II Northern Ireland. After the Allied troops arrived, life there would never be the same again. The series brings those heady, fleeting years to life again, in thrilling and romantic tales of the era.

 Her other stories set in Ireland include a ghost tale inspired by the famous Northern Irish legend of the Coonian ghost, An Unbidden Visitor; a short story collection, Dancing Shadows, Tramping Hooves, and an historical novel, Hitler and Mars Bars.
 Dianne lives on a small farm, in County Fermanagh, with her husband and an assortment of strong-willed animals. When she’s not writing, she enjoys walks in the countryside, evenings in front of her open fireplace and folk and traditional music.
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