Moran's is an egalitarian poetry which will attract readers who do not usually read poetry and this is as great an achievement as any high modernist grail."
Matt Haw Poetry Salzburg Review, Austria

"Fierce argument is not his motive for writing poetry, but more a wish to repair and preserve time--with all the risks and opportunities that implies. Moran looks at the moment straight-on and makes it worthy of our attention. We are taught that unity, symmetry and beauty are judgments for art; I would add clarity, intensity and sincerity. These are real words for real people."
Grace Cavalieri The Washington Independent Review of Books

"Moran's work is a refreshing change after the syntactical pyrotechnics which contemporary poetry sometimes offers. It is a relief to find work that seeks profundity in the everyday, without inversions, or obscurity."
Francis Spurrier Write Out Loud, London

"Moran writes about simple, seemingly insignificant, everyday occurrences and he marvels at them. This is certainly not to say he looks for meaning in these occurrences; he does not. Rather, he is satisfied with an unreasoned fascination."
Chloe Charalambous The Dundee Review, Scotland

"A deceptive simplicity and the clarity of intentions in his phrases from the very first poem to the last. I'm reading it over and over again."
Sofiul Azam Victoria University, Bangladesh


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