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 Maguire's Inheritance is the first volume in an epic saga being told by Irish historian RM Fitzpatrick. Following seven generations of the Maguire family, the series will cover one family perspective from the Irish Diaspora at the battle of the Boyne, through the famine, to the misery of Irland in the nineteen thirties.

The Maguire's Inheritance disentangles the confused loyalties of Jacobite Ireland, where the loyal Catholic population wsa abandanded by a weak Stuart king. It follows the story of James McGuire, a trooper in the superb Irish cavalry, who arrives penniless in France in 1692. Part hero, part chancer, James creates a fortune from war, wedlock and smuggling and becomes the progenitor of a dynasty. The saga will continue through riches and poverty to describe their adventures both inside and outside their native land.

The novel interweaves lust and riches, love and violence, family and tribalism, to create a fast piece of fiction where the principal character rubs convincing shoulders with genuine Irish heroes like Patrick Sarsfield.



R.M. Fitzpatrick has published under another name one work of non-fiction. He spent his childhood in the United States, was educated at the University of Dublin, and has recently returned to Europe after living for many years in South America.



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