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From Irish Immigrants to American Heroes

Non Fiction

Inspiring Tales of the Irish American Contribution to the United States

by Ancient Order of Hibernians, Neil Cosgrove, et al
Despite often coming to America with nothing more than determination and drive, and despite prejudice that is today too often trivialized, the Irish and their sons and daughters have achieved distinction in every field of endeavor. Despite the charges of bigots that the Irish could never be “true Americans,” no group has given more compelling testimony of the American dream; the path they blazed has been followed by subsequent immigrants of all nations, races, and creeds

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Since 1991, American Presidents of both parties and numerous acts of Congress and the Senate have declared March as ‘Irish American Heritage Month.’ The yearly Presidential proclamations have always concluded with the President. “call[ing] upon all Americans to celebrate the achievements and contributions of Irish Americans to our Nation with appropriate ceremonies, activities, and programs.” Sadly, too often, that call falls upon deaf ears when it comes to the Media and our Educational institutions who do such commendable jobs rightly honoring other heritages during their heritage months but seemingly ignore celebrating the contributions of Irish Americans.

As part of their duty to “perpetuate the history and traditions of the Irish people,” the Ancient Order of Hibernians published a series of profiles of prominent Irish American men and women celebrating their contributions to America in recognition of Irish American Heritage Month. A collection of these profiles forms the basis of this book. By sharing the stories of these incredible men and women, we hope to honor the Irish tradition of remembrance and the essential obligation of gratitude with the hope that the contributions of Irish American men and women shall be better acknowledged.