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We are ND-The Best Years of Our Lives



A collection of real stories and photos from the people who have lived, loved, prayed, and learned at Notre Dame.

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Through their personal recollections, we will be able to tell the true story of Notre Dame, as seen through the eyes of its alumni. Personal photos and stories will be complemented by large, full-color, present-day photos taken by University photographer Matt Cashore. The dichotomy of images represent the “then and now” of Notre Dame.
Wherever Damers get together––at reunions, on game Saturdays, at Universal Notre Dame celebrations, or just in chance encounters––it doesn’t take long for the stories to begin.
“Were you on campus when we heard JFK was killed?”
“Remember the ‘Kill Cal’ bed sheet somebody draped on the Dome?”
“Were you living in Zahm when St. Ed’s burned?”


The Notre Dame Alumni Association decided to gather some of those stories and put them between the covers of a book. When our call went out,we anticipated a good response, but not the deluge of stories we ended up getting.We’ve tried to include ones that are amusing, inspiring, reverent, slightly irreverent, heart-warming, cautionary, just plain fun. Some will make you involuntarily begin humming the Victory March or Notre Dame, Our Mother. Some may send prickles of pride and nostalgia up your spine.