The time is April 1916 and Timothy Michael O’Brien has promised to wed Maire Kelly, a young woman, who works for the publican Reilly. Two weeks before their nuptials Tim goes off looking for adventure so as to have stories to tell his children in old age. 

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Indeed, he is successful as he meets some of the most interesting characters he could have ever imagined. Returning from the far distant Dublin he relates, to his bar mates at Reilly’s, the experiences he’d encountered, including a meeting with James Connolly on the morning of the infamous Easter Uprising. Upon his attempt to march down Sackville Street to the General Post Office, with the other members of the Citizen Army, Tim was halted by the ghost of his dead brother Boogs who told him the time was not ripe for success and that many more Irish, and many more years would be needed before a victory could be achieved.

Disappointed, but enlightened, Tim is hopeful that Marie will still have him and they can do their part to provide the Emerald Isle’s future manpower and resources. Finally, after an enormous amount of wooing and convincing Tim and Marie come to recognize and understand the exigencies of the future and their role in helping to bring about a free and independent Ireland.

About the Author

 Jim Lucason commutes between Dún Chaoin, Ireland and America where he is a member of New York's Actors Studio Playwrights/Directors Unit.  His play "The Last Rightboy" is presently in development in Ireland.
Many, many years ago Jim worked at the Long Wharf Theatre in New Haven.  At that time Siobhan McKenna of Ireland's Abbey Theatre had come over to make her directorial debut of "The Playboy of the Western World" and he was blessed to have had a miniscule role in the production.  Working with Ms. McKenna planted the seed for his growth as an American born Irish writer.  Around the same time Constance Welch of The Yale School of Drama took an interest in his talents and continued the nurturing as he began working with Walter Tevis (“The Hustler”) and then William Gibson ("The Miracle Worker").  Finally, equipped with an MFA from Brandeis University Jim set out to hone his skills working as a foundry worker, coal miner, longshoreman, construction worker, cowhand and educator.


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