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Eco Woman’s an adventure story full of magic, Celtic witches, science and personal growth. The reluctant hero is Maeve who’s rescued from her relatively mundane life by a murder attempt and a super natural rescue. The ancient Celtic women who save her give her super powers and a mission to save the world, one heroic step at a time. 
From the moment she’s rescued, Maeve takes the reader on a supernatural journey of self-awakening, discovery and adventure. Not the super hero you’ve been waiting for, she’s the hero Earth’s designated to pull humanity out of its mess. Put on your life jacket because Eco Woman’s all about steering directly into the storm. No filter and no punches barred, she’ll rock your boat.
You’ll meet Sadie, Kitty and Mary who allow their science education to enhance their witchcraft not smother it. They live in the northern forest and, bolstered by their Celtic ancestry, craft spells to change the course of humans on mother earth while also rescuing a few strays and warding off unconscious hunters.
There’s Maeve’s parents. Charlotte and Victor, who sheltered her with a normal life outside the witches coven and learn the hard way that you can’t change a person’s destiny, Finally, she had a love interest in a banished shape shifter called KB. He has great plans for the world and for Maeve, if she lets him

Author’s bio
A cancer diagnosis helped Fanny Barry morph from a science and engineering writer to creative writing and fiction. She published her first creative work, illustrated emotional support booklets called, I Wish I Knew, Notes from a Breast Cancer Survivor, in 2006.

Irish from Boston Massachusetts, she’s the 5th child in an Irish Catholic family of seven. Her father and grandfather were police officers. Her mothers’ side were farmers and fishermen from north of the city. Provincial in nature, most of her family stayed in the Boston area but Fanny loved to travel. She moved from Boston to Tulum, Mexico while still in recovery from cancer and there wrote, Map of Life and Beauty, her memoir. It tells the captivating story of how she rebuilt her life in the Caribbean.

Eco-Woman: the Transformation, is her first novel. It’s the spellbinding story of a female engineer who receives superpowers from Celtic Krones living in the northern forests of the Northeastern US. They give her a mission to save the world one adventure at a time. 

Fanny runs yoga and dive retreats at her boutique yoga shalla called Tribal Tulum in Tulum Mexico and is currently working on her next novel: Eco Woman: The Initiation.

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