Would you like to improve your ability to focus?
Today's environment is filled with distractions. Focusing is the fundamental skill for learning and yet we never really LEARN how to focus. Until now there has not been a method to teach one HOW to focus. The SmartVision Method and glasses help one learn to focus and cut out distractions. The SmartVision Method has many applications such as helping one improve their grades, do better in sports and pay attention when driving. The applications of learning this focusing technique are endless.

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The SmartVision glasses are the ONLY product of 117 similar products in the past 95 years to obtain a U.S. patent. That is because this product and method work! Hundreds of people have improved their ability to focus in many areas. Below is just one of hundreds of testimonials by people who have enjoyed the easy, self-taught and effective SmartVision Method using the SmartVision glasses


To learn anything you must first be able to focus. Tony McMahon, the inventor of the SmartVision Method, wanted to improve his golf score. He came up with the SmartVision glasses and found they dramatically improved both his ability to focus and his golf score. He then applied the SmartVision Method to learning and found that students were improving their grades. The SmartVision Method teaches a skill which can be applied to many daily activities where you need to pay attention and focus.
"This tool gave me the information that teachers could not. I'm very happy."
Craig Monee 


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